About Us

At Key Capture Energy, you will find a diverse and driven group of professionals with unique skill sets who view the electric sector in atypical ways.

Key Capture Energy actively fosters a culture of teamwork and collaboration, which enables us to successfully identify, develop, construct, and operate large-scale energy storage projects that promote a clean energy economy. Our development pipeline and operations are rapidly advancing and we now have team members developing and managing energy storage projects from our offices in Albany, New York, Houston, Texas, and Salt Lake City, Utah.

Our Leadership

Key Capture Energy was founded by clean energy experts who are thought leaders in the battery storage industry and who have developed, financed, and built large-scale renewable energy projects across the United States.

Working at Key Capture Energy

As a large-scale energy storage independent power producer (IPP), we are seeking smart, hardworking individuals who have a keen interest in advancing the growth of clean energy through energy storage solutions that meet the needs of the electric grid.

Our Culture

We value diverse backgrounds, successful track records and innovative abilities. We respect hard work with a healthy work/life balance. We appreciate those who can work in an unpredictable environment and create their own opportunities. As a small (but growing!) team, our company culture is team-based and evolving daily, which boosts productivity and enables us to maintain a cohesive and compelling team vision.

At Key Capture Energy, we are committed to bettering America’s energy future. Environmental responsibility is a key component of our commitment, and our company culture promotes sustainability by:

Encouraging employees to walk or bike to the office when possible
Providing employees with funds to promote the use of public transportation
Providing access to recycling for aluminum, paper, plastic, glass, batteries, and electronics

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