CEO Jeff Bishop Interviewed on Federal Energy Regulatory Commission Ruling


Our CEO, Jeff Bishop, was recently featured in an S&P Global article which covers measures taken by the Federal Energy Regulatory Commission (FERC) earlier this year pertaining to buyer-side mitigation (BSM) market rules in the New York Independent System Operator’s (NYISO) capacity zones. A batch of orders issued by FERC on February 20th narrowed exemptions from NYISO’s BSM power mitigation rules. Key Capture Energy has several hundred megawatts of stand-alone storage in the mitigated capacity zones and, as such, has significant interest in the FERC orders. In the article, which is part of the “America’s Energy CEO Series”, Jeff discusses his perspective on the matter and why he feels the recent orders pose serious concern to the energy storage industry. Jeff states that “the challenge for New York battery storage developers is developing projects without knowing how much energy market revenue the projects can make at a time when capacity revenue is being taken off the table.”

Please click here to read the full article and learn more on why Jeff believes the FERC orders have led to market uncertainty for energy storage project developers.

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