Key Capture Energy CEO, Jeff Bishop, Joins the Energy Storage Association Board


The U.S. Energy Storage Association (ESA), a national trade association dedicated to energy storage, welcomed our co-founder and CEO, Jeff Bishop, to its Board of Directors today. Jeff is pleased to join other leaders from across the storage value chain in support of the ESA’s efforts to accelerate the widespread use of competitive and reliable energy storage systems throughout the nation. Having a unified voice across the entire energy storage sector matters significantly when it comes to federal, regional, state, or technical issues. The ESA advocates for and advances the energy storage industry by connecting a diverse group of companies and leading a national voice. Jeff’s presence on the Board of Directors will help serve in representing the stand-alone storage Independent Power Producers amidst the interests of utilities, manufacturers, diversified clean energy companies and consultants. On his newly appointed role, Jeff states, “As a board member, it’s my duty to ensure that Energy Storage Association CEO, Kelly Speakes-Backman, has all the tools she needs to be effective on behalf of the industry. I want wholesale markets to continue to function for decades to come – and the only way that can occur is if storage gets compensated for the benefits it provides to the overall electric grid.” Key Capture Energy remains a member of the ESA’s Leadership Circle and is excited to continue working with the ESA to ensure a more efficient, sustainable and affordable grid.

Learn more about Jeff Bishop’s recent appointment by reading the full press release, titled “U.S. Energy Storage Association Announces Executive Committee, Expands Leadership with New Board Member Appointment,” issued by the ESA.

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