KCE’s CEO, Jeff Bishop, Participates on Maine Commission for Energy Storage

With significant renewable energy generation potential but lack of transmission lines, energy storage has the opportunity to help Maine achieve its ambitious clean energy goals. A 14-member Maine study group – primarily made up of lawmakers and leading representatives in the energy industry – is currently examining the economic, environmental, and grid benefits of storage and will make policy and regulatory recommendations for energy storage in the State.

Jeff Bishop Participates on Maine Commission for Energy Storage
Jeff Bishop Participates on Maine Commission for Energy Storage

Our co-founder and Chief Executive Officer, Jeff Bishop, is part of the Commission and is participating in the stakeholder discussions in Augusta, with others on the panel, to discuss and propose recommendations to be considered by the full Maine Legislature. KCE is interested in building storage projects in Maine if the state determines that energy storage should be part of their energy mix going forward.

“Every state needs to determine what policies meet their needs. I am happy to serve on the Maine Commission for Energy Storage and appreciate the thought and discussion all stakeholders are putting forward,” Jeff states. “Maine has a history of legislation that meets the unique needs of its residents and provides economic development opportunities for all Mainers. We appreciate participating in the discussion.”

Learn more about Jeff Bishop’s thoughts on this topic in the Press Herald article titled “To meet renewable energy goals, Maine must take charge on big battery incentives.”

If you’re interested in the process so far, all information is being stored at https://legislature.maine.gov/energy-storage-commission.

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