Key Capture Energy Featured in PV Tech Power Article on the State of the North American Energy Storage Industry

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Our CEO, Jeff Bishop, was recently interviewed along with a handful of other storage industry executives on the state of the North American region’s storage market as it stands today for leading industry publication, PV Tech Power. 2019 marked a year of immense growth not only for Key Capture Energy, but for the energy storage industry on a whole, as large-scale storage portfolios materialized across the United States and Canada. In Volume 22 of PV Tech Power, Jeff discusses some of KCE’s major accomplishments from last year and shares his thoughts on industry projections for 2020 and beyond. Jeff states that as the industry matures, and battery costs continue to decline, the region will see the development of many more large-scale energy storage projects competing in non-traditional markets. However, the wholesale electricity markets will need to be designed to take full advantage of energy storage’s potential. Meaning, productive discussions with regulatory bodies and ISOs, as policies and markets are formed, will be essential.

Learn more about why Jeff Bishop and other leading North American developers believe energy storage will play a key role in the clean energy transformation by reading the full PV Tech Power article titled “A developers’ eye view on North America,” available as a free download from the PV Tech Store.

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