Key Capture Energy Launches Powerful, AI-Driven Energy Bidding Optimization Tool 

Real Time (5-Minute) Forecasting Allows for Superior Project ROI and Grid Reliability

Albany, NY — December 13, 2022Key Capture Energy, LLC (“KCE”), a leading developer, owner and operator of energy storage projects in the United States, today unveiled details about its fully operational machine learning / artificial intelligence tool MarketCapture – a robust, autonomous energy trading platform that optimizes revenue on stand-alone energy storage projects currently running in the ERCOT market – both for KCE and for third parties. KCE will be unrolling MarketCapture in NYISO in early 2023, with plans to expand across the US.

MarketCapture allows for day-ahead bidding as well as ultra responsive real time (5-minute) optimization and bidding powered by WattBot. The fully automated tool provides valuable daily, weekly, and monthly reporting in addition to monthly revenue measured up against a 100% perfect forecast knowledge metric while also adapting, learning, and increasing in accuracy as additional information is captured – further informing key asset and price trend performance as the number of assets on each power grid grows. MarketCapture in concert with WattBot automates wholesale market participation and provides high quality analysis to inform accurate price forecasting allowing for customers to generate peak return on investment from their projects.

“The fast-developing world of renewable energy and energy storage demands a fresh approach on wholesale market participation,” said Jeff Bishop, co-founder and CEO of Key Capture Energy. “By showcasing how this AI-driven optimization tool performs in the high stakes and challenging ERCOT market, Key Capture Energy is setting a bold standard for energy storage asset optimization forecasting and demonstrating the full potential for renewable energy projects in ensuring a reliable and resilient energy grid.”

This software advancement has been a primary focus for Key Capture Energy’s technology team over the last two years and will be a standout feature of the company’s offerings in the AI-driven energy storage space.

“Key Capture Energy’s fleet of systems and customer base continues to rapidly grow as the footprint and need for smarter energy storage assets accelerates,” said Joel Turkheimer, Key Capture Energy’s executive vice president of market development. “These new tools will allow us to offer the cutting-edge automation and optimization necessary to ensure peak performance of battery storage assets and best possible value for supplying energy to both the ERCOT and NYISO power grids and will be tailored for use in additional regional grids in the coming months.”

Key Capture Energy is currently the one of the largest owner/operators of stand-alone battery storage projects in Texas, with 380 MW of projects in operations or construction across the state. SK E&S, Key Capture Energy’s ultimate parent company, has deployed over $2B in investment capital in energy storage, electric vehicle charging, hydrogen, and distributed generation in North America.   

About Key Capture Energy

As more large-scale renewable energy projects come online and intermittent resources are added to the energy mix, it is becoming increasingly important to keep the electrical grid stable.  Headquartered in Albany, New York, Key Capture Energy is meeting this need by identifying, developing, constructing, and operating energy storage solutions to foster greater deployment of renewable energy, create a more stable electric grid, and provide value to all ratepayers. Learn more at

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