Key Capture’s Jeff Bishop Speaks at Sierra Club

On January 11th, KCE’s managing director, Jeff Bishop, spoke at 2018’s first gathering of Houston’s chapter of the Sierra Club. Making market changes for a new energy technology application, such as energy storage, requires action from all stakeholders to be realized.

As a world leader in environmental advocacy, the Sierra Club has played a prominent role on both the grassroots and corporate/legislative levels in the retirement of fossil fuel generation and promotion of clean energy deployments. Bishop singled out the Sierra Club’s “Beyond Coal” campaign several times for praise, which had originally set a goal to retire 1/3 of the nation’s 500+ coal plants by 2025, replace them with clean energy solicitations, and prevent other coal deposits from being tapped. Their efforts have played a major role in greatly surpassing this, with now over 50% (268) of coal plants in the process of or in retirement and 262 remaining in operation. In reimagining their uses with clean energy solutions, it is the responsibility for clean power developers to keep advocates informed of new market trends, technologies, and outlooks, so that they may use their time most effectively. Bishop’s “Energy Storage 101” presentation engaged interested members in a discussion of a sector in which few are intimately familiar, brought insight to how one may get involved in progressing the sector, and welcomed insight from some members who had spent the majority of their lifetimes making change happen.  KCE looks forward to continued engagement with the Sierra Club’s active community.

Key Capture Energy - Sierra Club
Key Capture Energy – Sierra Club

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