Massachusetts to Adopt Storage Target—DOER to announce specifics by July

Last week, the Massachusetts Department of Energy Resources (DOER) announced that adopting energy storage targets for electric companies is prudent and cost-effective. The move results from a state law passed last August that instructed DOER to determine if the state should take up these targets.

Last September, DOER and the Massachusetts Clean Energy Center released a joint study concluding that 600 MW of advanced energy storage by 2025 would save Massachusetts ratepayers $800 million and reduce greenhouse gas emissions by the equivalent of removing 73,000 cars from the road.

DOER is now in the process of determining the appropriate “scale, structure and mechanisms” for the targets, and specifics will be announced by July 1st, 2017. DOER has asked stakeholders to submit comments on the targets by January 27th.

Read the official announcement here.Read the State of Charge Study here.

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