Rice University Profiles Key Capture Energy Team Member Evan Lopez

Evan Lopez - Key Capture Energy

Shortly after our founding, we hired Evan Lopez, a 2018 graduate from Rice University with a B.S. in Civil Engineering. Evan joined Key Capture Energy as a part-time intern while completing his degree, and joined full-time as a business and data analyst after graduation. Evan first became familiar with Key Capture Energy during his time in “Energy and the Environment”, a course which explores the physical principles of energy, examines how various sectors and fuels impact Earth’s environment, and investigates policies and technologies that could foster more sustainable use of energy resources. The course includes a group project that allows our team members to serve as industry mentors and work with a team of students to design a plan that addresses a business challenge in a profitable and environmentally beneficial manner. We thoroughly enjoy contributing to this program and have greatly benefitted from the opportunity to meet students, such as Evan!

Evan was interviewed for the Rice University Department of Civil and Environmental Engineering (CEVE) news page, where he discussed the skills he developed while earning his CEVE degree that have helped in his career, his favorite project at Key Capture Energy to date and much more. Feel free to read Evan Lopez’s full interview with Rice, titled “Rice taught this alumnus how to solve problems.” We are happy to have Evan as a part of the team!

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