Supporting the Work of Capital Roots in Albany

Last month, our team participated in 518 Day, the single largest day of community impact in Albany, NY. Inspired by Albany’s 518 area code, members of the Albany community dedicate time to volunteering at different local organizations every May 18th. The Key Capture Energy team spent the day with Capital Roots, an outstanding organization that works to reduce the impact of poor nutrition on public health in the Capital Region.

Since 1975, Capital Roots has been improving the lives of those in Albany county and beyond by organizing community gardens, improving access to healthy food, offering nutrition and horticulture education for all ages and coordinating urban greening programs. As part of their Produce Projects initiative, Capital Roots transforms neglected private and public land into urban gardens which high school students can then use to grow crops to sell at local markets. One garden plot can yield $1,500 worth of fresh, organic food!

Our employees had a great time building a garden retaining wall and mulching a large gardening bed in preparation to grow tomatoes. We were so pleased to help out and look forward to continuing to support Capital Roots in the future.

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