Turning a Page Towards Childhood Literacy

For our July team volunteering effort, we spent time at The RED Bookshelf, an outstanding organization in Albany committed to improving children literacy through providing access to books, regardless of socioeconomic background.  The RED Bookshelf works with volunteers throughout the community to collect, mend, and place children’s books on red bookshelves free for children and families to choose, keep, and read, with the understanding that home libraries enable families to easily build strong reading habits and prepare children for school.

Key Capture Energy at the RED Book Shelf
Key Capture Energy at the RED Book Shelf

Since its foundation in 2009, The RED Bookshelf has grown from a neighborhood literacy program that was part of the Center Square Association, to an independent nonprofit that has distributed more than 50,000 books for children across Albany! Their guiding principles are to provide children with choices to explore their interests, allow children the opportunity to own their books, creating a sense of belonging,  and to provide children with the autonomy of directing their own futures.

Our team truly enjoyed sorting, counting, and repacking almost 1,000 books and preparing 32 books for the RED Bookshelf (and in record time!).  We were inspired by the work being done by the RED Bookshelf and look forward to the next opportunity to work with them.  Any time that we can support our community and come together as team, is time well spent!

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