Key Capture Energy CEO, Jeff Bishop, Talks Jobs with HuffPost

The clean energy industry provides stable, well-paying jobs that have purpose – and those in the oil and gas industry have noticed. In a recent HuffPost article on the state of the oil and gas labor market, our CEO, Jeff Bishop, speaks on why recent grads and oil and gas industry veterans alike are seeking out jobs in the clean energy industry and why renewable energy companies, like Key Capture Energy, are hiring them. Learn more about Jeff Bishop’s thoughts on this topic in the full HuffPost article titled “There’s A Big Hole In The Argument That Ditching Fossil Fuels Will Kill Jobs.”

With experience in power trading, greenfield development, land acquisition, engineering, finance, asset management, and energy contracts, oil and gas professionals are well-suited to work in clean energy, and we are happy to have them. With an office in Houston and three 10-megawatt storage projects operating in Texas, we are seeking qualified candidates looking to transition into clean energy. Check out our jobs page to learn more.

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